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After the birth of my first son, I walked out of the hospital at 200 lbs. Over the next year, I had done light cardio and tried a popular diet. This proved to be incredibly unsuccessful, unhealthy and very frustrating. The activity and a few changes did help me to lower my weight to 175lbs but I was stuck at this weight for the next two years. 


DaShawn introduced me to a whole world of exercise that I had never explored prior and honestly would have been too intimidated to try on my own. He taught me how to use weights along with different styles of cardio and body weight exercises to see significant results. I truly did!


Living with a personal trainer, especially one with such a passion for people’s success, I learned quickly that as irritating as the accountability may be at times, if I didn’t stick to being consistent and staying active my body would suffer. I truly needed to be pushed and motivated. My entire lifestyle had to change, working out hard on a regular basis made a difference but changing my diet was mandatory. 


Since accepting a healthier way of eating, I have been challenged to cook healthier, find better alternatives, and adjust our portion sizes. Teaching our children how to eat healthier and stay active helps to ensure that they will pass this knowledge onto their families one day as well.


This journey has not always been convenient or fun, but the direct reflection it has had on me physically inspires me to pursue a lifetime of change. Together, we truly live a lifestyle passionate about the health and fitness of not only ourselves, but of those around us.

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