DaShawn Wayne Harris

DaShawn Harris received his formal education from West Texas A&M University earning his bachelor's and master's degrees with a focus in Sports and Exercise Sciences. In addition to his college and post graduate education, he earned a Physical Fitness Certification from The Cooper Institute, certified as a Double-Goal Coach with Positive Coaching Alliance through AAU Sports, and Gold Licensed with USA Basketball. He is currently completing the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through The National Strength and Conditioning Association.


With over 15 years of experience, DaShawn has written physical fitness articles, led co-ed and men only fitness boot camps and provided one-on-one and group personal training. He is certified in American Red Cross Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED, & First Aid. DaShawn is an insured physical fitness professional.


DaShawn's training methods are functional and high-intensity interval training. By combining these two training styles, his clients have been effective in burning calories during and after their workout along with moving and feeling better.


DaShawn is a former full scholarship Division II basketball player. He has served as a fundamental basketball trainer for 8 years and is the director of The North Fort Worth Centurions Basketball Club. 

Dara Jade Harris

Dara Harris earned her certified personal training certification from American College of Sports Medicine along with Fitness Nutrition and Sports Conditioning Specialist certifications with American Council on Exercise.


With over 5 years of experience, Dara aids clients in learning and reaching their wellness goals though high-intensity interval training focused on strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. She currently leads women’s and youth fitness boot camps and provides one-on-one and group personal training.


Dara is certified in American Red Cross Adult/Child/Infant CPR, AED, and First Aid. She is an insured physical fitness professional.

Also, Dara serves as an assistant basketball trainer for the 4th through 7th grade group and administrator with The North Fort Worth Centurions Basketball Club.