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Ryan took the initiative to completely remove soft drinks from his diet, while reducing his overall sugar and fat intake. He has always given great effort during his personal training sessions; as well as, maximized his time with his trainer by asking questions about his diet and activity.

Since starting in March 2016, Ryan has lost 39.4 overall pounds and reduced his overall measurements by 14.5 inches.

HPF is extremely thankful to have him as a client. 




Within a 4 week period, these ladies experienced significant results by increasing their protein and veggie intake and choosing to increase their activity with planned exercises. Vicki lost 8.8 overall pounds, decreased her body fat percentage by 2.8%, and reduced her overall inches measured by 5.25 inches. Her exercise partner, Kayla lost 8.6 pounds, decreased her body fat percentage by 3.73%, and reduced her overall inches measured by 4.5 inches. HPF is very proud of these working moms!


Kayla Lashmet & Vicki Davis




"I have been training with DaShawn for almost two years.  I have had some great results!  I have decreased my body fat percentage from 31.84 to 22.41.  My pounds of body fat have gone from 50.63 to 33.61.  My lean muscle has increased from 108.37 to 116.39.  I train with him two days a week and then go to the gym on my own another one or two days a week.  He keeps me motivated and challenged.  I am a 63 year old woman and am in better shape than when I was much younger."


Debbie Poor


"I had very simple goals when I started training with DaShawn. I just wanted to regain some strength and mobility after 4 knee surgeries. We did it! We are doing it! DaShawn really is the Functional Trainer!"  

Gaylen Poteet





" I have worked out and been very active for a large part of my life but as I got older I wanted to try out a trainer and also have some accountability. I was not sure what to expect but now that it has been almost a full year I see tremendous benefits, first off my body fat percentage has not been this low since high school (15 years ago) and the workouts are never the same therefore they never get old. Another benefit is just how good I feel, due to eating right and training on a weekly basis. I am really enjoying the transformation and a little hard work never hurt anyone."  


Cory Wesolowski


"DaShawn Harris has been just exactly the trainer we were looking for! He is knowledgeable about physical fitness and more than willing to go the extra mile for a client who requires something a little different than what is typically done in a training session. DaShawn has definitely exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend him without hesitation."

Geri G.


"I feel better now and feel younger, I get a lot of things done now. I expect to get in clothes that have not been able to wear, I in joy working out with Dara she keeps me wanting to do more to please her and to lose weight."

Aubrey M. 


"DaShawn and Dara really know their stuff! Excellent trainers that really do care about your goals and work hard to help you succeed. No matter what your fitness level-they can take you to the next one!"

Gaylen P.  


Being a single mom and wanting to get back in shape has been a struggle but I'm so glad I found Harris Physical Fitness because I'm doing it!! They have given me the needed push and accountability!!!

Kayla L. 


Harris Physical Fitness understands what it takes to help its clients.

Dwayne T. 


He's real. He cares & you'll get in the best shape of your life, DaShawn & his beautiful wife are beautiful people & amazing examples... love these people.

Elvia D. 


I am coming up on a year training with Dashawn and am extremely happy with the motivation, exercises and encouragement he offers. We train 2x a week, and I try to get in at least one more workout on my own. I have lost 21.8 pounds, decreased body fat by 3.4%, and lost 3.5 inches in my waist. When I started, my stamina had decreased to the point that I could hardly run a half mile without being winded; however I completed several 1/4 marathons on the elliptical and am consistently warming up with a 5k in the mid 20's. I can honestly say, at 58, I am in better shape than I was in my 40's.

David F.

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