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Thank you for visiting HARRIS PHYSICAL FITNESS.


Hopefully, you are searching for a qualified fitness professional that can assist you in meeting your physical fitness related goals. We hope to meet your needs by using practical and proven fitness models, while encouraging and guiding you to eating healthier foods and drinks. Our general goal is assisting you towards making lifestyle changes conducive to reducing fat and maintaining and gaining muscle; furthermore, supporting functional movement.  

We are very proud to offer reasonable rates. Experience has taught us that significant, long lasting changes begin after a 3 month period of on-going increased activity along with healthier eating and drinking. Therefore, we encourage a 3-month commitment.

We understand that personal training is a luxury. Everyone may not have the extra money to hire the help needed in meeting their health related goals. Based on the average cost of personal training listed in our area, we feel that our rates will help you afford to get the information, motivation, and accountability you need in getting the results you desire. Also, the locations where we train offer very affordable membership rates. Whether you are looking for a monthly/no contract or an annual membership, you have viable options. 

Please carefully review our website for the answers to most of your general inquiries. 

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