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AAU SEASON will be here soon. 

As we begin preparing for all aspects of spring/summer basketball teams, please know that we cater to our community and its express needs. 

We will proactively communicate our plans for April to July 2023 play. 

Here's the contingent weekend tourney schedule. 

APR 22/23
APR 29/30
MAY 13/14
MAY 27/28
JUN 10/11
JUN 24/25
JUL 15/16
JUL 22/23

Teams will begin practicing after the 2023 spring break at EMSISD and/or NISD facilities. 


Practice frequency will be 2x per week with few exceptions. 


Cost for full spring/summer season will range between $1300 to $1500 includes full uniform, practice and tourney fees, etc. 


Teams will compete in the DFW metroplex. 

As for now, we plan to have 1 HS men's team consisting of 2026 to 2025 class and 1 MS boys team (uncertain of MS grades). 

Best way to show interest is attending Sunday skills. It not only benefits us, but familiarizes you and your child of our coaching ability and style. 

Standby... More news to come. 

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